iLead: Corporate

Our iLEAD programs are training programs for corporates that are customised to suit organisation's needs. iPrograms provides a spectrum of long & short term programs for corporates including corporate wellness & training programs.

Long Term Programs

High Potential Leadership Training Program

Building a skill set of Interactive and Dynamic Leadership in young managers & employees.

Cogwheel Leadership Training Program

Empowering Middle Level Managers with a skill set of Virtual & Sustainable leadership.

IceBerg Excellence Leadership Program

Equipping top level leaders with the skill set of Power Intelligence & invigorating refresher skills.

Short Term Programs

ANTS - Automatic Negative Thoughts

Breaking free from the loop , Equipping intervention and skills to break a negative cycle of thoughts.

Expectations - Theirs’s & Yours

Coming on the same page between the expectations of the people and conveying yours.


Living and finding the meaning in here & now. A package of miracle questions, bucket list ventures and preferred scenarios.

Self Empathy & Self Appreciation

Understanding you self and how to divulge deeper in to demystifying how to be unapologetically “YOU

Currently Running

iPROGRAMS is working with the Chemical Plant company in Gujarat called Gujarat Heavy Chemical Limited (GHCL) with our Hanoi's Tower: High Potential Leadership Program as well as Cogwheel Leadership Training Program.